Chapter 1 - The legislative landscape

Parts of this Issues Paper

To complete part 1, in the next chapter we briefly describe the current New Zealand courts, by way of background.

In part 2 of the paper, we consider matters relating to judges, including appointments, acting and part-time judges, and judicial powers to make orders in relation to contempt and wasted costs.

In part 3, we discuss issues raised by this review and consolidation in relation to the architecture and procedure of the courts of general jurisdiction.

In part 4, we consider in detail other provisions of the Judicature Act 1908 which have not been examined in earlier parts of this paper, including a number of commercial provisions which have been collected together over the years in the Act.

In part 5, we discuss matters relating to representation in court that are raised by the current review, in particular interveners; counsel assisting the court; and applications to have actions declared to be vexatious, which are currently governed by provisions in the Judicature Act 1908.